De Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken (The Old Frisian Churches Foundation) was founded on 9th September 1970.

The purpose of the Old Frisian Churches Foundation is 'the restoration and maintenance of historically significant church buildings and their accoutrements in the province of Friesland.'

The statutes mention a second purpose: 'to promote public interest in such church buildings.'

In special cases the Foundation takes over (monumental) churches from the parish. They only take over if there is insufficient local support (both in finances and management) left to manage and maintain a monumental church. All goods are taken over along with the church, such as the organ, pulpit and Communion items.

Taking over more churches is not a goal in itself for the Old Frisian Churches Foundation. That is why the Foundation closely examines each request for takeover. If a local community is willing to bear responsibility for the maintenance of a church building, the Old Frisian Churches Foundation will not take on the building. Church and village communities seeking advice can contact the office. [link toevoegen]

The Old Frisian Churches Foundation looks beyond the church building. Care for the landscape and social environment causes the Foundation to desire a collaboration with related organisations and councils.


In six villages the Foundation has also taken over the graveyards:
* Augsbuurt
* Blessum
* Leeuwarden-Huizum (closed since 1979)
* Olterterp
* Sibrandahûs
* Westhem

The graveyards are maintained by the local committees. Graves can be purchased in five out of the six graveyards. Contact the Local Committee.

The graveyard of Leeuwarden-Huizum, which the Old Frisian Churches Foundation took over in 2014, has been closed since 1979. Volunteers from the Local Committee do maintain the graveyard, but not the graves themselves. This only happens in consultation with and at the request of the next of kin.