SAFT in numbers

  • 55 kerken
  • 7 kerkhoven
  • 2 klokkenstoelen
  • 300 vrijwilligers
  • 4200 donateurs
  • 250 evenementen

Old churches in the landscape of Friesland

Old churches determine the skyline of the landscape of Friesland. Nowhere else in Europe can you find as many churches from the late Middle Ages as in the north of the Netherlands. Riches well worth preserving.

An increasing number of church buildings is losing its original purpose. De Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken (The Old Frisian Churches Foundation) wants to prevent them from disappearing. It achieves this goal by taking over ownership of monumental churches in special cases.


  • Stichting Alde Fryske Tsjerken zoekt een directeur
  • Activiteiten langs het Ziltepad
  • Orgelconcerten Open Monumentendag
  • Win een overnachting in de kerk van Dedgum


  • Optreden Marcel Smit
    30 09 23
  • zondag 1 oktober, concert door Fries Kamer Orkest in De Groate Kerk van St.-Jacobiparochie, aanvang 15.00 uur
    01 10 23
  • Hanneke Rouw
    01 10 23
  • Woody Band
    01 10 23